Who are we?

We are Jessica & Eider, a couple from Los Angeles, who are embarking in the adventure of sharing with the world the work of true artisans whom we’ve crossed paths. We seek true connections and share this with our clients, the artisan’s clients. Travelling is one of our passions and in doing so we have met amazing human beings that allow us to share their work with you. This is our homage to them, to their culture and their everlasting talents.


About 10 years ago, during one of my travels, I met a boy name Chui. He introduced me to the Huichol as outsiders call his tribe. As weary as the Huichol are, they were very embracing and allowed me to volunteer my time for several months at a time. His name is now a concept to me, it is our concept of sharing with others. Through a simple word we create a verb in giving a glimpse to the lovely stories we have heard across the globe. CHUI is love, through sharing just as that boy took my hand and introduced me to his tribe.


CHUI artisans is only but a few months old. We got to doing December of 2015, but the journey of this dream goes further back. During previous trips, we have collected pieces from artisans we cross paths with. They share with us so we can share with you.

We met with Chui’s tribe and told them about what we wanted to do and they loved the idea. They asked permission from their shaman and today we are able to share the Huichol beaded art with you. All the work you see is not paid for, it is donated by these tribes. 80% of the profit goes back to them or social programs (woven totes).